Tata Sampann

At Tata Sampann, we believe, that natural goodness is the way to go for a healthy, balanced life. That’s why everything that emerges from the Tata Sampann table – be it our dals, our besan, our spices – is always pure and authentic.

Our dals are unpolished – retaining their natural goodness and nutritional value. Our spices are wholesome and have their essential oils intact – imparting undiluted aroma and flavour into your food. The blended spices are packed in individual sachets to retain this aroma till the last usage. And our besan, made from 100% unpolished chana dal, ensures that even when you eat your favourite deep fried pakodas as you want, you still get the power of pulses.

We believe in bringing moments of delight in every meal, packed with unique nutritional benefits. This is our genesis – this is our Goodness ki Shuruwat.

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