5 Must Have Work From Home

5 Essential Work From Home Accessories You Required To Improve Your Productivity

Work Home seemed exciting until now, but now, it has become a routine due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not everyone is ready for it, and as of now, and it seems more unlikely to go to the office and work in this situation.

Employers have requested their employees to purchase laptops so that they can work from home without any issue. Even employees are showing interest in buying laptops as the traveling and canteen cost can offset this.

Because you are new to this environment, it would be difficult for you to sit and work longer hours. So, here are the must-have work from home accessories to be more productive while working from home.

Laptop Table

Are you working for longer hours on our laptop? It would be best if you kept in mind that your hand should be at 90 degrees angle, and your view should be in level with the screen to avoid problems for your back and neck.

One such work from home accessories that supports to create optimal work from home experience is the laptop desk. There are many options to find the right table for you and set up your work from home. 

Bi3 Table Adjustable Strong Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table, Study Table, Kids Table, Office Table, Dinning Table (Alder Brown)
Bi3 Table Adjustable Strong Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table, Study Table, Kids Table, Office Table, Dinning Table (Alder Brown)

It is only possible if you have a handy and adjustable laptop table, which you can adjust as per your height and sitting position. Portable laptop desks will provide a stable base and a height that helps you sit comfortably while working.

A foldable laptop table with an inclined plane is also the best option, which will be easy to carry to different rooms. These laptop tables have strong adjustable legs supporting angular adjustments that provide users with a convenient experience.

Wireless Mouse

Using a touchpad is a bit messy while working for longer hours. To solve this, you can connect your laptop with a mouse. To avoid clutter on your desk with wires, a wireless mouse can be used. All you need to do is connect the nano receiver to the USB port of your laptop, and your wireless mouse is ready to use.

wireless mouse

You can find a lot of affordable options for the mouse with wireless technology. The options available with basic functionality and lower prices include a wireless mouse with nano receiver, a wireless mouse with Bluetooth technology, and a wireless mouse with both nano receiver and Bluetooth technology. Th you want to go for a midrange mouse, you can choose a mouse with programmable buttons.

In addition, you also have an option to choose the mouse with a trackball. Since the mouse stays stationary, you do not need any extra desk space for moving it and can be used on any surface. 

Ergonomic Chair  

MBTC Xcelo Office Revolving Desk Chair NA Office Executive Chair
MBTC Xcelo Office Revolving Desk Chair NA Office Executive Chair

While working from home, you need to sit continuously for long hours. To protect your back from the sprain, you need to choose work from home accessories that provides excellent support and prevent health issues.

An ergonomic chair is easy to adjust and it extends upwards and downwards. Also, choose a chair with adjustable armrest so that you can place your arm comfortably on it. Another important thing you should see while purchasing a chair is that it has an excellent lumbar adjustment. When we have poor sitting posture, we add tension and compression to structures that were not meant to bear our weight. This results in the wear down of joints, ligaments, and bones.

People usually don’t have ergonomic chairs at home, but now when you are bound to work from home not only now but for the foreseeable future, you need to use an ergonomic chair while working.


For uninterrupted workflow, you need a stable Wi-Fi connection with a reliable router. Wi-Fi came into existence about ten years ago, and the routers then bought are certainly slower than the router currently available.

wifi router

The speed of a router is measured in Mbps and denotes how fast a router can move the incoming data. Dual-band routers have become work from home accessories now, and it is available in two different frequencies, including 2.4 Giga Hz and 5 Giga Hz.

All you need to do is choose a router with customization options if you want to tweak many settings. You can choose from including a standard Wi-Fi router, a mesh Wi-Fi router, and the most recent Wi-Fi 6 router. With a reliable router, you can make the best use of Wi-Fi rather than relying on the baseline configuration.


Noise Cancelling headphone for focus

When you work from home, staying connected is important. Sometimes you may have to attend skype calls. You may have zoom meetings to collaborate with your team or clients. So, you have to choose the right headphones that are comfortable to wear for long hours with the right mic and have clarity.

For better work experience, you can choose a noise cancellation headphone set along with wire or even wireless. Similar to the mouse, these wireless headphones are also connected to your device via a nano adapter or Bluetooth.

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