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Aashirvaad salt

There is nothing more important in our daily life than salt. It is in everything we eat, in our rituals, in mythology and was once even used as currency. It is this goodness that goes into every pack of AASHIRVAAD Iodised Salt.

Manufacturing Process

At AASHIRVAAD we ensure only superior quality ingredients reach your kitchen. We ensure the quality through our manufacturing process.

Salt is obtained by evaporating sea water or brine in shallow basins by sunlight and wind. When the water evaporates, a salt bed forms at the bottom of the basin. This salt is then collected, and put through elaborate cleansing procedures and is enriched with Iodine to take care of your family’s Iodine requirements.

Its free-flowing granular form enables easy and clean handling as well as storage.

We take extra care to ensure that only quality salt reaches your home. Simply because we know that it is the only way you would have it!


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