Exo dishwash Bar


Exo Dish Wash Round is the first-ever round shaped dish wash bar to be launched in the Indian market.

The unique round shape of the bar has clear advantage over the traditional rectangular bars available in the market. Given its round shape, the bar is used in its entirety and ensures zero wastage.

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Exo dishwash Bar

Exo Dish Wash Bar is an anti-bacterial dish wash that offers ultra-clean dish-washing and superior hygiene.

First in its category, Exo Dish Wash Bar is a pioneering product that incorporates ‘Cyclozan’, a highly active anti-bacterial agent often used in toothpastes, and hence safe, however tough against germs that cause food poisoning.

In addition, the washing bar brings a crystal-clear shine to the utensils, with an effort.

With the use of the revolutionary¬†‘PentaForce’, 5 unique Surfactants or Penta Surfactants it is able to act on tough grease and difficult stains, thereby improving the cleaning action.


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