Dabur Vatika shampoo




Enriched with natural ingredients, such as henna, amla, and shikakai, among others, this shampoo from Dabur helps combat several hair problems.

Natural Ingredients

It has the goodness of henna, amla, shikakai, almonds, hibiscus, reetha and olives that nourish your hair, making it clean, smooth and shiny.

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Dabur Vatika shampoo

Enriched with goodness of naturally nourishing ingredients like amla, shikakai, olives & almonds; it can help protect your hair against damage like dandruff, dryness,hair fall and scalp infections. It contains no harmful chemicals.

  • Goodness of 7 Natural Ingredients: Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Almond, Hibiscus, Reetha, Olive
  • Gentle cleansing & conditioning to give you smooth, shiny, and nourished hair. Ideal For Men & Women
  • Power of Henna & Amla to give you problem free hair
  • Henna improves scalp health & helps condition your hair
  • Amla stimulates Hair Growth & reduces hair loss


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