Prima Combination Board (Magnetic Whiteboard with Blue Pin-up Notice Board)


  • Space efficient and multi-purpose combination board with dry-erase magnet-friendly White writing surface and high tear-strength flocked fabric (velvet) pin-up surface conforming to International Standards.
  • One of a kind heavy-duty alloy aluminium (6063-T6) frame in satin finish, combined with a precision engineered paper honeycomb & softboard core to make the board 100% warp-free, 100% flat and long lasting. High-strength low-gloss virgin ABS corners for maximum durability and a seamless finish.
  • The White Board side offers a projection-friendly, non-ghosting, non-fading and smooth surface that is ideal for writing with any dry-erase whiteboard marker. The Display Board side provides an easy pin-up and vibrant surface that is great for tacking up notes, charts and stickers with pins.
  • Board Size: 2×3 Feet (60cm x 90cm). Suitable for use at home, home offices, offices and schools. Works well with all standard whiteboard markers and pins.
  • 1 Prima Combination Board with built-in wall hanging clips, shipped in a high-strength customized packaging for maximum protection.

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Prima Combination Board (Magnetic Whiteboard with Blue Pin-up Notice Board)

Prima Combination Board (Magnetic Whiteboard with Blue Pin-up Notice Board) for Home, Office & School, Heavy-Duty Aluminium Frame, 2×3 Feet (Pack of 1)

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the advantages and functionalities of a Pin-up Board and a Dry Erase White Board clubbed together into a single product?

Well, that’s exactly why the Pragati Systems Prima Combination Board (Magnetic White + Pin-up Display) is here for. Built from the exact same materials and technology as used in the premium series Prima Magnetic Whiteboards (PRMWB6090) and Display Boards (PPUB6090), PCOMBI series gives you the power to make the most out of your work space by providing two versatile surfaces in a single board.

PCOMBI series is the perfect solution for people that are looking for a space efficient and multi-purpose writing cum display board for use at home, office or school.

The board consists of two parts – on one half there is a Resin Magnetic White surface and on the other half there is a Flocked-fabric (Velvet) surface. Thus, in addition to writing, the same board can also be used for tacking up important notes, charts, reminders and other information with the help of pins.

Plus, you can also hang your whiteboard marker, duster and other accessories on the board with the help of magnets. The Prima series boards, as the name suggests, are prime in every aspect of design. Made from heavy-duty raw materials, these are fit for use in any environment.

Our boards are designed to provide excellent erasability, scratch & tear-resistance and readability. The corners are moulded from 100% virgin ABS plastic for superior finish and aesthetics, the frame is made from anodised alloy aluminium for maximum stiffness and paper honeycomb panels are used for the core to ensure extreme flatness and smoothness.

The boards are available in multiple color and size variants – White & Red Pin-up, White & Blue Pin-up, White & Green Pin-up as well as White & Cork Pin-up in 2×3 Feet and 3×4 Feet sizes, allowing you to choose the combination that best suits your needs. So, go ahead and experience the unlimited pleasure of writing on Pragati boards.


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